Robert Martin vs. Raphael Lataster - Is God Really There? (2015)

Pointless. In this Sydney debate, I was good but not great, and Martin was forgettable. I explained that those arguing for God’s existence need to do so probabilistically, and with the little time I had left (things were very disorganised due to a change in the venue, hosts not knowing how the AV equipment worked, mini crises before the event [including a car accident and torrential rain], etc. - though rebuttal and question time allowed me to further argue against miracles and God’s existence), I gave some reasons for the failure of the best arguments for God’s existence, and why alternatives fit the evidence better. In response, Martin failed to refute my points, didn’t address my points, accused me of saying things I did not (such as my alleged assumption of naturalism - I never do this), falsely declared that I must disprove God’s existence, and, as attendees put it, “spoke about how he loved Jesus, rather than about the evidence for God’s existence”.

Another no-contest, but a boring and pointless one at that. And I felt that the moderation was far from moderate, especially with the event being held by ‘anti-religious atheists’. The proposed ‘sequel’ (about Jesus) to be held in Melbourne was cancelled. From now on, I only wish to debate apologists that actually make a coherent case (i.e. Craig), or who at least influence a lot of people so that my refutation may have some tangible effect (i.e. Comfort).

Note: The highlight was when a friend of mine hypothesised that the god that exists must love homosexuals since she/he put the male G-spot in the rear. Some in the crowd also loved my response to the question, “How did you lose your faith”: I read the Bible. Ba-dum-tss.

Raphael Lataster 2021