Invite Raphael to Speak/Debate

I am happy to consider invitations to give presentations and to debate, generally on religion, atheism, and religious scepticism. I have only a few requirements.


- The event should be recorded by the event organisers, with equal rights to publish (video, audio, photographic) granted to me.

- Expenses (namely travel and accommodation) should be covered by the event organisers.

- I require a speaking fee.

- For additional requirements for debates, please see below.


- The debate topic must be agreed upon by both parties, and will generally focus on a critique of the evidence for God’s existence (that is, the god of classical theism, or Jewish/Christian/Islamic theism) and/or the evidence for the Christ of Faith (i.e. the exclusive truth of Christianity, or the truth of the resurrection).

- Despite the focus of much of my early work, I have little interest in debating on the historicity of Jesus. It is generally irrelevant in discussions with apologists. Discussing the Christ of Faith is far more productive.

- It is ideal if there is some agreement on the approach used, which may or may not involve perusing the arguments of all involved. Apologists wishing to argue for their position without explaining why their hypothesis is most probable will struggle. I am not interested in easy victories, but in stimulating discussion about the best evidence for theism and religions like Christianity and Islam. For example, an ideal topic would be “Is Christian Theism True?”

- It is ideal for the debate to be friendly and respectful in nature. For my part, I am very open-minded and do not dislike religion, or even Christianity. It would suit me fine if Christianity were exclusively true. In the spirit of truth-seeking and intellectual honesty, I wish my opponents well, and even hope that they succeed against me. If the latter were to occur, I would convert, and would be quite happy about it.

Raphael Lataster 2021