A Superscientific Definition of ‘Religion’ and a Clarification of Richard Dawkins’ New Atheism - Mar 2015

Published in Literature & Aesthetics (Volume 24, Issue 2, pp. 109-124) in the December 2014 issue.

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I interviewed Richard Dawkins, and analysed his writings and public interactions, in order to ascertain if the view that he is ‘anti-religious’ is correct. As part of this, I attempt to provide a definition of religion - building on Schilbrack’s recent effort - that would satisfy both laypeople and scholars. I also consider related issues, such as whether Dawkins and his New Atheist colleagues need to prove God’s non-existence. I discover that Dawkins is far more respectful towards religion than is usually thought, and that there are opportunities for New Atheists, Old Atheists, and religious liberals, to work together.

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Chris Sharples - used with permission

Raphael Lataster 2021